Work in progress…

One piece I’ve been working on is the musical description of the formation of a snowflake as might be seen under a microscope.

As well as being interested in art I’m also interested in architecture, both large and small; the construction of things.  An example of this is the extract of this new piece (you can hear it on SoundCloud  –  see below), which describes the formation of the six-fold radial symmetry of three snowflakes in turn.  Remember that each snowflake that has ever fallen is virtually unique and so each of the three snowflakes described here is slightly different musically also.  The music is constructed from fragments of music created in score using the notation software, Sibelius, saved as sound files, then edited in the Cubase program to form a collage of musical sound.

What is so fundamentally different for me in this new way of working is that there is no underlying continuous pulse.  There is rhythm, most certainly.  Rhythm is an important part of the material on the original sound files  –  and then new rhythms are created when these sound files are manipulated in this musical collage.  But there is no underlying pulse.  This is not music to tap your foot to!

Listen to an extract of this piece here:


2 thoughts on “Work in progress…

    • Thanks, Marion, for your encouraging comment. Of course this is only an extract of the piece. I have made the decision only to make extracts of my music available on-line (rather than whole pieces) for reasons I will expand on in a future post.

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