Art and Music

I’ve talked quite a lot so far about the thinking behind my decision to radically change the way I compose.  I haven’t spoken very much yet about the nitty-gritty of how I intend to work.

Although I’m now working in the field of electronic/digital music, I’m not interested at all in using equipment costing thousands of pounds, having huge banks of all the latest sounds at my disposal and a plethora of other gadgetry.  I’m much more interested in using what I currently have at my disposal to create something of interest.  So, what do I use?  I currently use Sibelius and Cubase software.  In my work so far I’ve been working in Sibelius to create fragments of music in score.  Suitable sounds are chosen and these are saved as sound files.  I should say, once again, that I’m not interested in using orchestral sounds to sound like orchestral sounds.  I have no interest in a clarinet sounding like a clarinet.  In fact, quite the opposite.  I use a number of effects in order to manipulate the sound and create something new and different.  These sound files are then pasted into Cubase where I begin to use them rather like a collage artist, placing them, layering them, manipulating the sound further.

As I’ve said before, I’m something of an art lover, and art is something which I find particularly inspiring.  I see so many overlaps in the creative process of both art and music  –  colour, texture, etc etc.  One artist who has inspired me in recent times is Harald Vlugt, a Dutch artist who, among other things, creates the most extraordinary collage art.  One such piece which I’ve seen close up is pictured below.  I love the idea of being able to do in music what he does in art!


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