Morton Subotnick

In focusing my attention on the world of electronic/digital music, I have recently unwittingly stumbled upon the music of composer, Morton Subotnick.  I absolutely love this man’s music and I can’t believe I’ve lived as long as I have, listened to so much music and studied so many scores, to have missed out on knowing about this musical genius.  I feel that I have now not only identified a genre of music in which I would now like to work (after many years as a composer working in a traditional style for standard orchestral instruments), but I have also found myself an inspirational musical “hero”.  I have not had such a hero since my teens when I was enormously taken with the work of Sir Michael Tippett.  I listened to everything I could by him and studied many of his scores.  I did, in fact, meet him in the end, which was a great privilege.  Another semi-hero of mine was Toru Takemitsu, who I also met at his 60th birthday concert at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall.

My acquaintance with Morton Subotnick’s music is still at it’s early stages  –  but it seems to me that he is an extremely versatile composer.  He writes for acoustic instruments as well as composing electronic music.  Just listen to these excerpts from “Jacob’s Room”.  The sort of tonality he uses and his use of counterpoint sends shivers down my spine.  He’s also ultra-modern and ultra-cool  –  so it appeals to me on many levels.


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