Thoughts on originality…

In my first blog contribution I spoke about the impetus for me to find a new compositional style after years of composing in quite a traditional way.  But the reasons for this are far more that just because of the increased competition of so many more people “having a go” at composing music (the availability of music software making the production of music available to so many more people than before who don’t necessarily have the formal training previously required to compose music) and the imperative to get one’s head above the parapet, so to speak  –  to be distinctive.  I now have a fundamental feeling that the artist who wants to make a real contribution to the art of his age and to move creativity forward needs to find new ways of doing things; new ways of expressing himself.

I’m something of an art lover as well as a lover of music.  Even if one looks at the art currently being produced, let alone that of the past, it is the work which moves art forward to new forms of expression that is seen as being of the most value, artistically speaking.  An artist might have impeccable technique in drawing and painting but unless the art is showing us something new, quite frankly we’ve seen it all before!  It is doing nothing to expand the limits of our collective creativity.

This, really, is my main purpose in attempting to discover a new voice for myself.  But it must be more than this  –  it must be, as much as possible, a new way of working in the world of composition generally.  Of course, this is quite a tall order, and the goal of originality at all costs can lead one straight up an artistic cul-de-sac.  It must be balanced by allowing one’s imagination to run wild  –  yet honed by the craftsmanship gained over years of working in a more traditional sphere.


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